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This website contains information for AUS members and registration information for Australian Unicycling Nationals (Uninats). Please visit the main AUS Website for information about the AUS organsiation, the Uninats event, AUS goals and other activities.

Photos and Videos - Uninats 2007

Assembling for the group photo

Send us your gallery links or photos (see below) and we'll list them here so everyone can see what everyone else got up to at Uninats. There are prizes for the best shots.

Uninats 2007 - Survey

We're trying to fit a lot of things in at Uninats, and we only have about 2 and a half days to fit it all into!

To make sure we're including the Uninats events you are interested in, it would be great if you could complete this survey to show us what your priorities are. Of course, hockey is the most important event :-), but after that, what have you been looking forward to for 2 years, and what cool new things are you into?

This is not a registration form! - We don't require names, and you're not signing up for anything. Just let us know your favourites. All questions are optional!

Juniors - under 15 years (0-14), Seniors 40+ years, Everyone else - Open (15-39 years)
This will help us judge how many people might want help finding accomodation near the venues.
This will help us co-ordinate lifts and determine if we need extra transport.
Please mark no more than 4 items.
Please mark no more than 4 items.
What new and crazy unicycling event have we left out or forgotten?
We plan to have a buffet dinner and a party (with some uni games) on Saturday Night. This will be an optional extra (cost may be up to $35). Please indicate if you would be interested in attending.
Everyone wants a T-shirt, but which other memorabilia is of interest to you?
Anything else you want to let us know! You'll need to provide contact info (an email address) if you want any questions answered directly. You can also contact us by email at the address above.
If you are happy to tell us, it's nice to know who we are talking to. (We'll keep this strictly private).
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