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Uninats 2017 - Order Form - Party Catering - All You Can Eat Pizza

All You Can Eat Pizza Deal - Monday Night Party

For the Monday Uninats party / video / games night (Monday 2nd October, Menai Sports Centre), we are planning to have catering by a local wood-fired pizza truck, available from 6pm (until full!)

The deal is:

How many adults @ $20/person?
How many children (6-12 Years) @ $12/person?
Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Options are available. Please describe above which combination(s) you require. E.g. One child GF, One Adult Vegetarian etc.
This is a firm booking - you will need to pay for the pizza and there are no refunds available even if you later decide you cannot attend. You can transfer your order to someone else.

Photos and Videos - Uninats 2007

Assembling for the group photo

Send us your gallery links or photos (see below) and we'll list them here so everyone can see what everyone else got up to at Uninats. There are prizes for the best shots.

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