Uninats - Frequently Asked Questions

Uninats FAQ

Here are answers to some common Uninats questions we have had recently:

  • Will there be anything for me to do as a beginner/new rider if I come to Uninats?

Although Uninats is called a competition, it is intended to also be a festival and celebration of unicycling. Any rider, of any age or ability, is welcome to take part. There will be plenty of non-competitive activities, and there are separate categories for riders in the competitive events. You are guaranteed to learn a lot and be inspired!

  • Is there a Street Competition?

Yes! There will be a Street event - it is on the Sunday at the stadium, alongside the Trials event. The Street is being co-ordinated by local street riders, including Dan Cowling and Alex Toms.

  • Is there a wheel size limit for the 10K and other races?

There will be two categories of wheel size for the races, including 10K - 20"-24" and ‘Other’. There will be placings in each category for the 10K. The track events will normally be limited to 24" maximum wheel size for an official result (except for the Coker races, of course). The official measurement is the outside diameter of the wheel and tyre, which must be under 24.333" (61.8cm). A fat tyre on a 24" rim may be over this limit, but a skinny tyre on a 26" rim might actually be under this measurement.

  • What time will we finish on Monday?

The ‘official’ program currently finishes after the Muni - approximately mid-day on Monday (1st October), but there will be additional riding available on Monday afternoon - the ‘AfterNats’. We’re planning a choice of a 20K ride (not a race), more hockey and more street. These optional extras should be over by around 5pm. See the full timetable for details.

  • I want to enter the video competition. What format should the video be in?

We can accept videos in any common media format. The simplest option is probably to bring a DVD. Entries should be limited to around 5 minutes in length (one track!). You can make multiple entries if you have additional material, subject to us having enough time to show them all.

  • I want to buy some extra party tickets for family/friends later (once I know how many). How late can I buy them?

We need to give final party numbers to the catering company one week before, so we’ll have to stop taking bookings by the 23rd September.

  • I can only make it for part of the weekend - can I register for just one days events?

Yes - we have set a price of $50 for single day registration (Sat or Sun), and $20 for (just) the Muni (Mon) for people who really can't make it for the full event. You need to be a current AUS member at the time of Uninats.

  • Do you guys know it's AFL final day? Where is the nearest pub with a big screen?

(Riders Answer) - The AF what!? I can't find it in the IUF rulebook! Do we need extra equipment for that event? Can it be done backwards or one footed? There are no pubs in Sydney.

(Non-Riders Answer) - The nearest pub with big screen AFL action is the Royal Hotel on Abercrombie St. It's around 60-80 metres from the entrance to Carriageworks, our Saturday venue, so you should have no problem riding the unicycle there and back. See http://www.royal.com.au/about.htm for more information.