Ashley Curtis volunteered to design and print an advertising poster/flyer for Uninats 07. The poster looks great, and we've started sending them to uni and bike shops, clubs and the venues. Thanks Ashley!

You can promote Uninats 2007 and help us have a successful event by downloading one of the files at the bottom of this page and printing out a poster to put up in your local unicycle club, school, student union or bike shop, or some flyers to give out to your group or club members.

Here's what the poster looks like:

Uninats Poster

Here are the files you can download and print. The .PDF requires Adobe Acrobat, but will probably be easiest for you to print.

Image icon Uninats07-Poster-A4.jpg2.04 MB
PDF icon Uninats07-Poster-A4.pdf2.25 MB