Uninats 2007 Timetable of Events

Saturday 29th September 2007

Carriageworks Contemporary Arts Centre

245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW (Redfern)

Doors open 8.30AM

Times and room location for sessions subject to change! Check at the registration desk on the day to confirm final details.

Time / Room Track 8 Bay 20 Foyer
08:00 AM      
08:15 AM Building Opens    
08:30 AM     Registration Desk Opens
08:45 AM      
09:00 AM Hockey Rounds 1 Skills Workshop Unicycle.com Stand Open
09:15 AM   IUF Testing  
09:30 AM      
09:45 AM      
10:00 AM Opening Ceremony    
10:15 AM Street Demo    
10:30 AM IUF Skill Competition Skills Workshop  
10:45 AM   Hockey Rules&Skills  
11:00 AM      
11:15 AM Individual Freestyle    
11:30 AM      
11:45 AM      
12:00 PM      
12:15 PM Pairs Freestyle    
12:30 PM     Cafe Open During Day
12:45 PM      
01:00 PM Group Freestyle Skills Workshop  
01:15 PM   Unusual Unicycles  
01:30 PM      
01:45 PM Hockey Rounds 2    
02:00 PM   Skills Workshop  
02:15 PM   Simon Wells Advanced Skills  
02:30 PM      
02:45 PM      
03:00 PM   Skills Workshop 5  
03:15 PM   Alex Toms & Dan Cowling Street Uni  
03:30 PM Basketball    
03:45 PM      
04:00 PM   Skills Workshop 6  
04:15 PM   Beginners/Public Lesson  
04:30 PM Hockey Final    
04:45 PM      
05:00 PM      
05:15 PM AUS Annual General Meeting    
05:30 PM      
05:45 PM      
06:00 PM AUS Meeting End Party Setup  
06:15 PM      
06:30 PM   Party Doors Open  
06:45 PM      
07:00 PM   Unicycle Games Bar Open
07:15 PM      
07:30 PM     Food Served
07:45 PM     Video Competition
08:00 PM      
08:15 PM     Auction
08:30 PM     Food Ends
08:45 PM   Simon Wells Show / Open Stage  
09:00 PM   Unicycle Games  
09:15 PM      
09:30 PM   Party Ends  
09:45 PM   Clean Up  
10:00 PM Building Closed Clear  

Sunday 30th September

Sydney Park, St Peters

Corner of Sydney Park Road and Princes Highway - at 8.00AM

10 Kilometre

08:00 AM 10K Ride Meet
08:15 AM 10K Ride Start
08:30 AM  
08:45 AM 5K Finish
09:00 AM  
09:15 AM 10K Finish
09:30 AM Lifts & Minibus Shuttle to ES Marks Stadium

E.S. Marks Athletics Field, Centennial Parklands, Kensington

Boronia Street (corner with Anzac Parade) - from 10.00AM:

10:00 AM Track Field Trials/Street
10:15 AM Ride & Juggle High Jump Trials Open
10:30 AM Backwards - 2-3 races Long Jump  
10:45 AM   Obstacle Course  
11:00 AM Wheel Walk - 2-3 races Slow Boards  
11:15 AM      
11:30 AM 100m - 8 races    
11:45 AM      
12:00 PM      
12:15 PM Gliding - 2-3 races    
12:30 PM 400m - 4 races    
12:45 PM      
01:00 PM 400x100m relay - 2-3 races    
01:15 PM      
01:30 PM One Footed - 4 races    
01:45 PM      
02:00 PM 800m - 4-6 races    
02:15 PM      
02:30 PM     Street Comp
02:45 PM      
03:00 PM Coker Race - 400m    
03:15 PM      
03:30 PM Flying 100    
03:45 PM      
04:00 PM   Field End  
04:15 PM      
04:30 PM End   End
04:45 PM Presentations    
05:00 PM   Pack Away Pack Away
05:15 PM      
05:30 PM      
05:45 PM      
06:00 PM Gates Locked    


Monday 1st October

Royal National Park, Loftus Oval, Sutherland Shire

'Mountain' Unicycle competition (Muni) - 10.00AM at Loftus Oval, off Princes Highway, Sutherland

A Minibus shuttle will run between Sutherland station and Loftus Oval between 9.00am and 10.00am for those without their own transport or a lift. Train times for the public holiday are shown below.

Loftus station is closer to Loftus Oval, but has less frequent trains and is a longer journey from the city - you can walk or ride from Loftus or Sutherland station, but please be extremely careful crossing the highway.

  Loftus Oval Station Shuttle Minibus
08:00 AM Drive to Loftus 40m-1hr Drive to Sutherland 40m-1hr
08:15 AM    
08:30 AM    
08:45 AM    
09:00 AM   Car & Minibus shuttle from Sutherland Station to Loftus Oval
09:15 AM    
09:30 AM Mark Track  
09:45 AM    
10:00 AM Meet for race start Last shuttle run
10:15 AM Marshals ready on track  
10:30 AM Start Long then Short Races  
10:45 AM    
11:00 AM Short Race Finishes  
11:15 AM    
11:30 AM Long Race Finishes  
11:45 AM Track Clear  
12:00 PM Presentations / Closing Ceremony  
12:15 PM   Start Car and Bus Shuttle to Sutherland Stn
12:30 PM    


Train Timetable information

Trains from the City to Sutherland/Loftus
Dep Central Arr Sutherland - Dep Sydenham Arr Loftus
      08:22 AM 09:00 AM
08:35 AM 09:11 AM      
08:39 AM 09:28 AM   08:52 AM 09:30 AM
08:54 AM 09:36 AM      
09:09 AM 09:58 AM      
Trains from Sutherland/Lotus to the City
Dep Sutherland Arr Central   Dep Loftus Arr Central
12:09 PM 12:52 PM      
12:27 PM 12:56 PM   12:35 PM 01:22 PM
12:31 PM 01:07 PM      
12:39 PM 01:22 PM   01:05 PM 01:52 PM
01:01 PM 01:37 PM      
01:27 PM 01:56 PM   01:35 PM 02:22 PM

Further information on train times and stations is available from the City Rail website or phone 131 500. Please allow plenty of time for your journey so you don't miss the start!

Afternats - Optional Extras

"Please Sir, can I have some more?"

Here are suggestions for further riding options for Monday afternoon, for those not feeling saddle sore:

  • Cooks River Cycleway - Long distance ride (18-25Km)

Ride along Sydneys longest marked bicycle trail, alongside the Cooks river. You can start at Tempe station (on the way back from the Muni), and finish at a choice of other stations or bus stops along the route, including Olympic Park, or go all the way to Rhodes (25k). We hope to have some Sydney riders as guides. Suggested meeting time is 2pm at the park across the highway from Tempe station. Check for more details when you check in. Route map and information available.

  • Waterloo Skate Park - Street riding on the new Waterloo skateboard park - south end of Waterloo Park (Map ) corner of Elizabeth and Allen Street, Waterloo - a regular haunt for local street riders. You can ride there from Central or Redfern stations.
  • Lilian Fowler Reserve, Angel Street Newtown - More Unicycle Hockey

This is the regular location for Sydney Unicycle Hockey meetings (every Sunday, 10.30am) - Hopefully there will be extra hockey fun here on Monday afternoon (to be confirmed - ask for details when you check in) - Map

  • Hit The City - Ride the Sights

If you're from out of town and want to see the city, this is your chance! Take the train to Milsons Point to uni back across the Harbour Bridge (on the cycle path!) and take a spin around the Opera House and Circular Quay..