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Uninats 2007 Registration

Online/Internet Registration for Uninats 2007 is now closed - sorry.

You can still register for Uninats on arrival!

To register, head for the check-in at the venue.

Important Notes:

  • Registrations on arrival will be at the full registration fee of $100. We won't be able to take credit cards at the venues - cash or cheque only, please.
  • Non-riders are free, but must register (to be covered by AUS volunteer insurance).
  • Members of the public who wish to be spectators (not participating, assisting riders or volunteering) are free and do not need to register.
  • Rider Registration is open to all on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be a current AUS member at the time of Uninats (see below).
  • There is a 1-day rate ($50 Sat/$50 Sun/$20 Mon - Muni Only) available on arrival for people who cannot attend the whole of Uninats. You must still be a current member of AUS to ride.
  • The Saturday night party bookings closed on September 24. You cannot book a party ticket on arrival.

AUS Membership requirements:
All Uninats riders must be AUS members, to be covered by AUS insurance. If you are not a current AUS member:

  • If you were an AUS member in 2006/2007 (year ending 30th June) and didn't yet renew, you can now renew online at a saving over the new member price.
  • Otherwise, you must (re-) join as a new member before you can take part in Uninats. Completing your membership in advance will save time, but you can join the AUS on arrival at Uninats if necessary.

Note - Overseas visitors: If you are a traveling internationally to attend the Australian Uninats 2007, you may register on arrival as a temporary AUS member. Contact for details. (This is not applicable to Australian residents).